Our unique modular construction, welded seams and full 5 year warranty are just a few things that place our inflatable shelters on the cutting edge.

Three Lanes Pre-Plumbed per customer needs.
Includes- Inflator/Deflator, SCBA fill whip, elevation grids, Sump pump, stake kit




CMGHD-1 Single Decon Unit
Excellent for use indoors and out
Hazmat, Fire Scene, Law Enforcement, Clan Lab, Hospital, etc.
Complete with Inflator/Deflator, SCBA Fill Whip, Elevation Grid, Sump Pump, Stake Kit and Patch Kit





CMG344 2-Lane Decon Only
Economy Decon Shelter
No outer Shell
Includes Elevation Grids, Sump pump, Inflator/Deflator, SCBA Fill Whip, Steak Kit






CMG346 3-Lane Decon Shelter
Same As CMG347 Except No Outer Shell